FRP Hygienic - for wall and ceiling

The FRP Hygienic sheet is a laminated glass fiber reinforced polyester sheet, opaque, avail-able with a smooth or embossed surface.


- Food safe (HACCP, EU, BRC, FDA, USDA, ...)
- Economical (less cleaning product is needed)
- Chemically resistant (e.g. blood, acids, brine, milk, ...)
- Water- and dirt resistant and anti-fungal
- High impact- and scratch proof
- Easily and simply cleanable
- Suitable for heated and cooled spaces.
- Fire retardant (optional, standard Euroclass E)
- Does’t discolour and doesn’t take in smells
- Non corrosive



Hygienic protection for smooth or slightly damaged walls: food processing plants, bakeries, meat processing industry and butcheries, restaurants and mass caterings, fi sh companies and stores, milk and cheese industrie, slaughter houses for cattle and poultry, egg processing companies, clean rooms, cold rooms, hotels, hospitals, public buildings (schools, kitchens, toilets, ...), transportation (bus stations, subway, train stations, airports, ...), health clubs and amusement parks, sports and training facilities (changing rooms and showers), commercial buildings (shopping centers. ..), fuel stations, car and truck wash, garages, chemical and petrochemical industry, hygienic locks, laboratories, beer and beverage industry, ...